sunset yoga cambridge



Gabriela is the best yoga teacher I've ever had. She really takes the time to make sure everybody  in the class is following on at a pace (and position) that is comfortable for them. Gabriela also creates such a welcoming and relaxed environment that even a yoga sceptic like me will be converted.


I really recommend Gabriela's classes, as she goes to great length to personalise, create a great atmosphere and she takes extra care to protect the joints, knees, lower back etc. which has made a huge difference for me, also for other forms of exercise. Being in a regular class since October 2019 has also worked to build the skill of the group, moving on to harder poses and adjusting for our level, so it's never static. Namaste


Gabriela's classes are wonderful!!! She comes to our house (well, garden at the moment) to do private lessons. It was just for me and my husband at first but now our 2 grown-up sons have joined us and we look forward to it every week. She copes beautifully with our varying levels of (in)expertise and bendiness but we are getting stronger and better every week. I would thoroughly recommend Gabriela's classes.